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Biomed X Institute


Über uns 

At BioMed X we strive to be the leading research institute that combines the best of both worlds, academia and industry, seeding the biomedical innovations of the future.


Darum sind wir auf der ScieCon

By exploring new biology in major human disease areas, we enable our partners to take an active role in seeding biomedical innovations for the benefit of patients. By harnessing the brain power of the global scientific crowd and by bridging the gap between academia and industry, we provide solutions for the pharma industry’s biggest R&D challenges. Embedded in a world class innovation ecosystem on the campus of the University of Heidelberg, we embrace diversity and are committed to empowering the next generation of top researchers, enabling them to advance their careers and to create impact for society.

to seed the biomedical innovations of the future

Heidelberg, Germany



Researchers, Postdoctoral researchers, networking, science, innovation

We continuously grow our internal spectrum of laboratory tools and methods and organize training courses and seminars on new technologies to broaden our scientific thinking and to improve the technical skill sets of our fellows.

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