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Über uns 

We Are Proud To Be GxP-CC
GxP-CC was founded in 2013 with the goal to support Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Dental companies to overcome the challenges of regulatory requirements.
Our customers fulfill a vital role in the supply chain of products which have a quality of life effect on all of us as patients. Our goal is to support and optimize the processes & controls to assure a seamless integration between the scientific results, the regulatory requirements, and the technological applications.

As a professional service provider, we strive to always keep our team ready today for tomorrow’s challenges. Business disruption coming with new technological advances is no longer a question of “if,” but of “when.”


Darum sind wir auf der ScieCon

We are now participating for the fourth time and the experience we have had so far has been exceptionally good. Each time we have been able to attract suitable talent and have always had great conversations with visitors to the fair. It is always great fun to take part and to give young people an insight into the work of a life science consultant.    

Hauptsitz: Kaiserslautern

weiterer Standort in Florida / USA



Life Science

The basic requirement of a good consultant is to be constantly up to date professionally. Therefore, we attach great importance to the further development of our employees. We offer various formats such as training courses, workshops and self-learning platforms. 

Occasionally we also have projects abroad. However, the majority of our projects are in Germany. Due to digitalization and the effort to reduce our CO2 footprint, we try to reduce business trips to a minimum. 

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