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Über uns 
With over 80 team members across Europe, we provide researchers with a range of innovative solutions in many cutting edge areas, such as gene and cell therapy, and drug discovery, as well as towards developing treatments based on messenger RNA (mRNA). Tebubio is committed to continuously  innovating and better accompanying researchers with their projects. Our pan-European presence through our network of 9 local offices, enables us to accompany them by offering a holistic range of solutions:

1. Fast and simplified acess to a large selection of products and reagents, from over 180 specialised manufacturers worldwide
2. Technical expertise and personalised solutions, with services performed at our biotechnological laboratory based in France
3. Logistical and financial expertise for customised procurement solutions, in full respect of ethical, ecological and legal regulations to alleviate administrative constraints for researchers.

Darum sind wir auf der ScieCon
Have you thought of working in life sciences from another perspective ? We are looking for new colleagues to facilitate research and support our growth. Wether in sales, marketing, lab project management, join us and develop your skills in a human-sized yet global environment, where you can contribute to the strategy, connect with suppliers, customers and colleagues worldwide. Come to our stand, not only to taste the chocolates we offer but to know more about your next career possibilities :) !

Facilitators of life sciences

Le Perray (FR) Offenbach-am-Main (DE)


80 weltweit

Sales, molecular and cellular biologists, biostatisticians and again sales :) 

1) first meeting wit the manager and HR 2) a few tests to know you better 3) visit of your future team and your office environment 4) it's a match ? welcome at Tebubio !

At Tebubio, you will benefit from an onboarding program and regular support from your manager and colleagues to help you learn and develop your skills

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