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Biomed X Institute


About us

BioMed X is an independent research institute with sites in Heidelberg (Germany), New Haven (Connecticut), XSeed Labs in Ridgefield (Connecticut) and a worldwide network of partner locations. We operate at the interface between academia and industry, performing biomedical research and drug discovery & development in the fields of oncology, immunology, neuroscience, platform technologies, and artificial intelligence. All our research projects are sponsored by leading pharmaceutical companies and conducted by early-career scientists recruited from the best schools around the world. The combination of global crowdsourcing with local incubation of the best research talents and ideas allows us to solve the biggest challenges in biomedical research.

Life Sciences Research & Innovation

Heidelberg (Germany), New Haven (CT, USA)


approx. 80 of which approx. 60 are Life Science graduates

Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioengineering

10 - 20 (also outside the life sciences)

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