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ScieMatch – Life Science Company Matching

Which employer fits into your life? ScieMatch identifies life science companies for you, whose way of working and corporate values suit you well.

ScieMatch – Life Sciences Company Matching

Find the employer who fits you perfectly!

Welcome to ScieMatch! The aim of ScieMatch is to connect students and graduates with companies in the field of life sciences in Germany. In order to match you with a company that fits your personal interests, aspirations, and work-related expectations, we like you to answer a variety of questions. Since the same questions were also answered by the companies on ScieMatch, the program can match you with the companies that fit best to your individual profile. On ScieMatch, not only your education and qualifications are considered, but also which kind of corporate culture you expect from your future working place. Find your dream career in biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmacy, or other related life sciences!
Start your matching now by registering at ScieMatch and find the job and employer that fits best to you!

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