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ScieMatch – Life Science Company Matching

Which employer fits into your life? ScieMatch identifies life science companies for you, whose way of working and corporate values suit you well.

Frequently asked questions

ScieMatch uses the idea of online dating to connect students or graduates with potential employers. To find the perfect match, both sides answer a variety of questions. We ask you about your personal skills, interests, and expectation for your future working place. The companies, however, tell us what they expect from their employees, which job opportunities they can offer, and what kind of corporate culture is prevailed. If the answers on both sides are similar, a match is made by the intelligent algorithm. This makes it easy to find out about potential career paths and jobs in the field of life sciences.

You are searching for job opportunities in the field of life sciences but are struggling to sort through all the companies and job positions out there? Then ScieMatch is the perfect tool for you.
We help you find out about job opportunities and employers that match your skills, interests, and expectations. This way, you can already find more details about the job profiles or the corporate culture at a certain company even before applying for a position. Instead of spending hours searching through job advertisements, you just need to answer some questions, and ScieMatch will suggest only the positions that fit your profile. Start your matching today and take the first step towards your dream job.

Yes, ScieMatch is free of charge for students and graduates searching for a job.
Only those companies that fit your personal profile and expectations will be suggested to you. Since we are a non-profit student association, we can offer this service to you for free.

When your profile is matched with a certain company, this means that your personal skill and expectations fit the expectations of the company. The matching is based on the answers you and the company gave during the matching.

Matching happens based on the answers you and the company gave to the questions asked during the matching. Every match fits individually to your personal profile, skills, and expectations for your future employer. You should take a closer look, especially at the first three matches that will be shown to you.
Every match has a so-called matching card. With this, you get a first impression of what skills are asked by the company and how much these fit your personal profile. Just one click brings you to detailed information about the company and its corporate culture. There you will also find a link to their website to give you the opportunity to take a closer look at the company and possible job opportunities.

No personal data will be shared by ScieMatch with other users or companies. You can find more information about this in our data protection declaration.

Yes. We can offer you this service for free since we are a non-profit student association. We also do not offer companies a better matching result against payment.

ScieMatch is not a personality test. The main goal is to find out about your personal wishes and expectations for your future job position. The questions are based on studies about the most important factors that people generally consider when they decide on a job position. It also takes into account important elements of corporate culture.
The matches on ScieMatch are based on a model with seven dimensions 1: image and growth, 2. community and leadership, 3. development and perspectives, 4. details on the job profile, 5. burden and balance, 6. conditions and equipment, 7. sustainability. This way, the probability of a match between any individual character and company can be depicted.
If you want to learn more about the background of certain questions, just click the info button next to the question.

Your data is safe. ScieMatch does not share any personal data with other users or companies. You can find more information about this in our data protection declaration.

ScieMatch evaluates how well your profile matches a certain company. The questions are based on popular studies about the most important factors that are considered when searching and deciding on a job position or job candidate. The algorithm is specialized to give out a high score and, therefore, a good match when the answers to the questions are similar on both sides (“true positives”). A low score does not necessarily mean that there is no match at all between company and candidate (“false negative”). When a score lower than 60 % is shown, we advise you to do further research on the company to find out whether it could be an interesting employer for you.