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ScieMatch - Job Profile Matching

What is your ideal profession? Find the job that matches your skills and personality.

ScieMatch – Job Profile Matching

Find the job that matches your life!

You are studying in the field of biology, biochemistry, or another related life science? You wonder what job opportunities you will have with your study background and what kind of job profiles there are?

Then ScieMatch is the perfect platform for you! We help you find out which job profiles fit you and your life!

Your self-assessment: In the first step, we ask you to do a self-assessment. The questionnaire examines your expectations and needs for your future job position. For example, do you like to work in the lab, would you agree to make business trips for your job, do you prefer to work in a team, and so on. Our matching does not only consider your skills and qualifications but, more importantly, your personality.

Your profession: Based on your self-assessment, we propose job profiles to you - this way, we help you to explore which job suits your profile and why. You are wondering how we do this? Well, we asked our alumni about their jobs and thereby collected knowledge and experiences about many job profiles. In the description of each job profile, you can have a look at the detailed answers of our alumnae.

What’s next? The ScieMatch job profile matching gives you an idea of suitable jobs in the field of life sciences. With your matching results, you could even head over to our job portal and search for potential offerings or get in contact with interesting companies on one of our future job fairs.

Job Profile Matching in a Nutshell